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If a dark lump of blood is formed on the outside of the anus or the tissue that surrounds the anus is collected by a pool of blood usually caused by a ruptured or bleeding vein, then you likely have Perianal Hematoma which is easily treatable through a simple in-office procedure. If a painful blood clot has been formed, it needs to get checked and removed by a doctor.

                      A Big Perianal Hematoma

Perianal Hematoma usually has similar symptoms as prolapsed haemorrhoid. The only difference is that prolapsed haemorrhoid is a pooling of blood located inside the anus whereas Perianal Hematoma occurs on the outside of the anus and is never internal.

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What are the symptoms of Perianal Hematoma?

The main symptoms of Perianal Hematoma may include:

  1. A small lump near the anus.
  2. Violet collection of blood near the anus.
  3. Bulging skin near the anus.
  4. Mild to severe pain.
  5. Tearing or bursting of the lump can cause bleeding usually after passing the stool.

Causes of Perianal Hematoma

Anything that is mainly putting pressure on the veins near anus can cause Perianal Hematoma which includes:

  1. Coughing: excessive coughing can rupture the veins surrounding the anus causing Perianal Hematoma.
  2. Some medical procedures: medical procedures like colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, or anoscopy can cause anal bleeding.
  3. Constipation: passing hard stools or straining if constipated can cause the anal veins to rupture.
  4. Pregnancy: extra pressure on the anus during labor can cause Perianal Hematoma.
  5. Heavy weight-lifting: lifting heavy weights during exercise or lifting something heavy than the usual capacity of your body can also put pressure on your anus causing Perianal Hematoma.
  6. Inactive lifestyle: not getting enough exercise or sitting at one place for a long period of time can also cause Perianal Hematoma.