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CMEs and Workshops

This course will give you confidence and improve your skills in clinical practice day today. Ksharsutra Training Course is a kind of medication described in ayurvedic texts for the management of various disorders mostly in ano-rectal disease. The word kshara is derived from the root kshar, which means to melt away. The Kshar-sutra was first mentioned by the “Father of Surgery” Sushruta in his text named SUSHRUT – SAMHITA for the treatment of Bhagandara (fistula- in – ano), Nadi Vrana (sinus), Arsha (Piles), Arbuda (Excision of small benign tumor) etc.

Kshar-sutra procedure is one of the most effective para-surgical procedures of Ayurveda. This technique of Ayurveda provides a safe, economical, given 100% result to the variety of all Ano-rectal diseases like Anal Fistula(bhagander), Piles(arsha), Chronic Anal Fissure (Parikartika), Pilo-nidal sinus (Nadi-vrana), Rectal Polyp.
This course is for Ayurvedic graduates, Practitioners, Medical Officers, Researchers. Who wants to explore his practice.

Some of such training programs are organized in the form of CMEs and Workshops while some are being run on a regular basis.

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Doctors Review

Dr. Ashish Kumar
BAMS, BCKS, IMS, BHU (Varanasi)
Reg. No.- 59312Dr.

"DrAnuj Tyagi has very good experience in Anorectal diseases. Sir's diagnosis is very wonderful. Those patients who have become very desperate due to anal diseases, sir, they counsel those people very well and cure the patient in time. Sir treats abdominal and anus diseases very well with medicine, Sir has mastered in the surgery of anal diseases like Piles, Acute & chronic fistulas, fissure, due to which the patient gets cured completely after getting his surgery done on time."


Dr. Vivek Kumar Goswami
Radha Kunj Colony, Rawali Road, Muradnagar 

"I always admire Dr. Anuj tyagi as a doctor n a person as well.
no matter how difficult the case is it's easy when it is done by  Dr. Anuj tyagi.
i wish that his clinic will become a leading clinic in anorectol disease in NCR."


Dr. Ranjeet Singh Mehrawat

I completed my training under the guidance of Dr. Anuj Tyagi. 

He taught me everything I needed to know about Ksharsutra. I learned how to work with panels as an Ayurvedic doctor. Overall, it was a good experience.


Dr. shailesh Singh chauhan
Ksharsutra training student
Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh

A very good diagnosis of anorectal diseases is provided by Dr. Anuj Tyagi. When patients become desperate because of anal diseases, sir counsels them very well and cures them very quickly. He has excellent medical skills in treating abdominal and anus diseases. He has specialized in surgery for anal diseases like piles, chronic and acute fistulas, fissures. As a result of getting his surgery done on time, the patient gets cured completely."


Dr. Shivam maheshwari
Ksharsutra training student
Etava U.P.

"Dr. Anuj Tyagi provides very good diagnostics of anorectal diseases. Sir counsels patients very well and cures them very quickly when they become desperate due to anal diseases. It is his specialty to treat abdominal and anus diseases. He specializes in treating anal diseases such as piles, chronic and acute fistulas, and fissures."


Dr. D.K. Sharma
Loni ghaziabad Utter Pradesh

“Dr. Anuj Tyagi provides a very accurate diagnosis of piles diseases. He counsels patients well and cures them very quickly when they become desperate as a result of anal diseases. Anal diseases, such as piles, chronic and acute fistulas, and fissures, are among the most common types of anal diseases he treats. By performing his surgery on time, the patient receives an effective cure."