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Diagnosis of anal fissures

Some of the best fissure doctor in Ghaziabad and across the country can diagnose a fissure by a physical examination alone. The symptoms of anal fissure are often confused and similar to those of piles or hemorrhoids. Anal fissures can be diagnosed by a few tests, but to properly evaluate the condition and exclude all complication, the doctor needs to run a few tests.

Flexible sigmoidoscopy – This test involves inserting a thin, flexible tube with a tiny camera attached at one end inside your anus. People younger than 50 with no risk of anorectal disease are recommended to undergo this test.

Colonoscopy – In this test, the anorectal doctor inserts a thin, flexible tube into the rectum to examine the colon. Colonoscopy can be performed on people over 50 years old. It is also done when a person is at risk for colon cancer, chronic diarrhoea, or severe abdominal pain caused by anorectal problems.

Anoscopy – During this test, a tube is inserted into the anus. The device gives a detailed image of the anus and rectum.

Fissure Treatment in Ghaziabad with Specialized Doctors

There are 1 in 10 Indians who suffer from anal fissures once in their lifetime, contrary to popular belief. Anal fissures cannot always be treated with medicines, contrary to popular belief. Acute fissures can usually be managed with medication and therapies, but chronic fissures almost always require surgery.

We are one of the best multispecialty hospitals in Ghaziabad for treating anal fissures. In addition to diagnosing your condition and determining the right treatment method for your anal fissures, we have a team of highly qualified and well-rounded fissure specialists. Aside from that, we have highly advanced infrastructure in our clinics, hospitals, and other medical units to offer the best treatment to patients suffering from anal fissures. Our anorectal doctors can provide you with further information by scheduling an appointment.