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What Ksharsutra can do for colorectal disorders?

"Ayurvedic treatments like the Kshar Sutra are extremely benign and have no side effects. A patient experiences permanent and benign results after receiving the Kshar Sutra. Therefore, Kshar Sutra can be used to treat hemorrhoids, fistulae-in-ano, anal fissures, and pilonidal sinuses. Those undergoing such treatment recover within 3-5 days after having stayed at the hospital for only 5-6 hours, of which only 30 to 45 minutes are used for surgery," Dr Parameshwar explains.

Kshar Sutra has the advantage of being cost-effective for consultation and treatment. Many patients opt for this treatment because it is completely natural and there are few side effects associated with it.

There are many patients who benefit from the Kshar Sutra. As well as integrating this surgery with other techniques, there are benefits to doing so. In addition to this treatment, you should consume more water and eat foods rich in fiber. DG-HAL RAR, MIPH, RFA, and IRC may also be used if the patient's condition worsens after this surgery.

Thousands of patients have been treated successfully through Ksharsutra ayurvedic method by Dr. Anuj Kumar Tyagi, the best colorectal surgeon in Ghaziabad.